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Blog entry for 27 July 2010

April 2010 Prayer and Praise Points

1. College ministry:  We now have a young man (Danijel, married to one of our young ladies) from Serbia helping us reach out to college students.  After many years we have restarted a student Bible study (actually held in the student dorm) and we are seeing a number of students showing up.  This is exciting!  Please pray that they would receive the Gospel and start coming to our regular worship services.

2.  New church visitors:  We have two young men and one lady coming regularly to our Sunday services.  They come from completely unchurched backgrounds and are interested in learning more: about God, church, body life, salvation.  Also, a young woman has been coming regularly (and joyfully) after an absence of several years. Please pray that the Lord will work in their hearts and minds.

3.  Church in Montenegro:  Fortunately, the Lord continues to bless His people here (3 church works, including the one in Niksic, plus a scattering of believers in other towns/cities)  with great unity despite some theological differences and practices.  We thank God abundantly for this blessing.  Plans are currently being made for the 2010 All-Montenegro Meeting (of believers) to be held in June. 

4.  Losing Missionaries:  This year marks the first year that there are now fewer missionaries than the previous six years.  Between dwindling support and the inherent difficulties in living here (mainly spiritual/emotional, not standard-of-living), we’ve seen five missionary families leave the field in the past year.  Please pray that God would raise up and equip more believers to be lights in this dark land.  Out of 700,000 people, there are fewer than 200 believers in the country.  The people here walk in darkness, and how great that darkness is! 

5.  Weddings and babies:  From our own fellowship, we have had the joy of marrying two couples  (Danijel and Martina; Dragan and Mikica) this past year.  They are the spearhead of a new generation of believing Christian FAMILIES living in Montenegro.  Both couples are now expecting their first child--the fellowship is growing! Please pray for the expectant families:  for safe deliveries and great wisdom to raise their little ones in the light and grace of God’s truth and love.

 6.  Please pray for employment for men in the fellowship.  The economic crisis is felt here as well; the few men who had jobs have been laid off.

7.  Please pray for Christian's (our oldest son) transition to college life and studies this coming fall.  He has few memories of life in the US, having moved to Niksic when he was four.  Thus, he will have a greater number of adjustments to college-life than the average young person.  We are greatly encouraged that there is a good church work nearby and some family members living an hour away, but also know there will be many challenges ahead for him.  Please pray that God would watch over him and protect him from evil influences.

8.    We are considering a short furlough at the end of this coming year—it will be three years since we were last in the States.  Please pray that we would find the right balance of refreshment, family time (our eldest, Anna Marie, hasn't seen her siblings in 2 years due to lack of time to travel to Montenegro), stateside business, and fellowship.

Thank you for your prayers on behalf of your brothers and sister in Christ in Montenegro.  To God be the glory!
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