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Blog entry for 20 February 2012

Mission to Montenegro February 2012 Newsletter

Mission to Montenegro February 2012 Newsletter:

Recent Church/Ministry Highlights:

**First time visitor:  We are thanking the Lord that the young adult daughter (J.) of one of our regular attenders chose of her own initiative to join us at our last Sunday morning worship service.  We’ve been reaching out to her for many years, including her in “fun” activities with visiting teams, so we are quite excited that she wanted to come to a regular service. Please continue to pray for the unbelieving family members of our fellowship and for J. in particular.

**Bijelo Polje Outreach:  There is a small group (2 families) of believers in the small ethnically Muslim town of Bijelo Polje, MNE which is 3+ hours from Niksic.  They are struggling to remain strong and bold in their faith.  We are discussing possible ways to minister to them including sermons via the internet and a monthly Sunday visit led by the qualified men in our fellowship.  Please pray for these brethren and wisdom on our part in encouraging them.

**College Ministry:  This has been on hold for the past month, initially because of the Christmas Holidays and then because of our “extreme” weather.

**Extreme Weather:  Since early February, Montenegro has experienced its worst winter weather in more than 60 years, and it continues to affect the whole country, effectively shutting down transportation, schools,  and many businesses.  We had to cancel our Sunday church services for the first time ever.  Like many others, we spent the last weekend digging ourselves out of being snow-bound.  The first picture shows the record snow against our 6.5 ft high fence.  After clearing paths, it is necessary to take snow off the roof.  The second picture shows Josiah, Milijana, and Vicki working hard to get the weight off a flat section of the roof.

We make our plans, the Lord directs our steps:

We had planned several small get-togethers, including a Ladies’ Coffee Fellowship time and a Girls’ High School Bible Study for some of Danica’s friends, but the weather precluded these events.  We trust that the Lord will bring these about in His good time.  Also, there is a Canadian Orthodox family that has recently moved to Niksic and  is undergoing culture shock and would like to meet with us.  Please pray that we would connect and be a blessing to this family, both emotionally and spiritually.

Ongoing and Upcoming Ministry

We are currently enjoying good fellowship with  Rebekka’s family whose arrival was delayed because of the recent snowstorm.  Next week, we are anticipating hosting a group of 14 Danish Bible School students who will be reaching out to the  university students.  In early March, we are looking forward to the arrival of the McLaughlin family from our home church, Faith Community, who will stay with us for three months, helping us and the fellowship with their many talents.  Please pray that we would honor the Lord through our hospitality.

Family News:

Stan and Vicki recently had some health check-ups for ongoing issues.  While Vicki’s situation looks very good, Stan’s does not.  Please pray that Stan would find the right combination of medicines and lifestyle choices that would enable him to feel better and function well.

With great love and appreciation for your ongoing support in this great work of God,

Stan and Vicki Surbatovich
Mission to Montenegro

Prayer Bullet Points:

1.  For the unbelieving families of church members: wives, husbands, children, siblings, the extended family of everyone (no multi-generational Christian families here--these are the first converts in the country), especially J. who actually came to a service.

2.  For wisdom in encouraging the believers in Bijelo Polje, for the desired Ladies’ Coffee, for the Girls’ Bible study targeted for unbelieving high school students.  This last is especially close to Danica’s heart.

3.  For Stan’s health issues.

4.  For the university students who are grappling with the Big Questions of Life, that they would meet the Giver of Life, and particularly for the ministry during the Danish Bible School visit.

5.  For an improved financial situation for Mission to Montenegro. And many thanks to you who have already responded; it is a great encouragement to us.

6. For everyone’s safety as the weather forecast predicts colder temperatures and more snow in the next week.

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